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Our 21 Step Marketing and Strategy Plan is a blueprint for the successful marketing, sale and closing of your property. It encompasses pricing, promotion, feedback, market updates, negotiations, condition fulfillments and after sale follow-up to a successful closing. Our 1200+ sales are our proven track record. Below are the highlights of our services.

• Proper pricing
• Documentation requirements
• Home preparation
• Market exposure
• Pre-qualification of potential buyers
• Continual feedback and analysis
• Offer presentation and analysis
• Assistance with the fulfillment of conditions
• Coordination with your lawyer
• Moving checklist


The successful sale of your home involves 5 major components:

Setting the right price.

The right price or market value is the highest price your property will bring if exposed for sale in the open market for a reasonable amount of time. Setting your price too low reduces your bottom line; setting it too high and your home may not sell or take much longer than expected. Choosing the right price is a complex procedure involving an understanding of the market and an objective opinion of your home. We are experienced in doing the research and providing the guidance you need.

Improving the marketability of your home.

The selling price and selling time can be affected by how your home “shows”. How you live in a home is not necessarily how you sell a home. We know what buyers are looking for and can help you create the feel that buyers want. It’s often all the little things that make the difference. Our goal is to get you the most money possible without too much inconvenience and expense.

Reaching qualified buyers.

Qualified buyers are buyers who are ready, willing and able to purchase in your price range. Reaching qualified buyers requires marketing to get maximum exposure. Although we use multiple marketing methods, one of the most effective ways of marketing is the placement of your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Only a realtor can offer this service. Through the MLS, the details of your property are made available worldwide but more importantly to over 3000 local real estate professionals who seek to match your property with their buyers. Most serious buyers work with a realtor and have been qualified and are ready to purchase.

Negotiating the best price and terms.

Negotiating on your behalf includes drawing up a legally binding contract, being a sounding board for issues that arise in the process and making sure there is a successful closing. We are experienced in anticipating buyers’ concerns. It is our approach to help you eliminate potential issues prior to putting your home on the market. This prepares you for smoother negotiations and eliminates any surprises that could hinder your sale.

Ensuring a successful closing.

Your home is sold and cause for celebration and you can return to a more normal existence. Our responsibility, however, continues beyond obtaining the legally binding contract. We continue to monitor all aspects of the agreement to ensure all involved parties are working towards your successful closing. These include yourself, your lawyer, the buyers or their representatives, financing institutions and any other individuals/agencies whose involvement may be required to fulfill the commitments in an offer.


Selling a home today is more than a sign on the lawn. Buyers expectations are so much greater than they used to be. To assist our clients in the preparation of their homes for sale we offer 3 hours of free staging plus help coordinating other possible required resources such as a furniture removal, charity donations and pick-ups, movers, repair persons, painters, electricians, cleaners, transition coordinators, inspectors, financial services, etc.

Staging is merchandising. First, for the camera. Second, for showings. 80% of homes can be staged in 3 hours using what the homeowner has on hand. Why stage? Simply, a staged home generally sells faster and for more money. A well-staged home is visually appealing from every angle, making it easy for buyers to imagine living in the space. Our professional photographer will provide beautiful photos and a virtual tour of your home for the Internet.

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