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We provide a free Buyer Consultation aimed at equipping you with the knowledge you need to confidently begin your home search. Our clients tell us this is a huge timesaver and wished they had done it before looking at homes. The consultation covers the topics below.

• Buyer Representation: Who works for who and who pays what.
• Costs
• Your requirements
• Accessing properties
• Establishing your purchase team: Financier, inspector, lawyer
• Dealing with Contracts: The Agreement of Purchase and Sale
• Dealing with Conditions
• Putting together a Plan of Action


The successful purchase of your home involves 5 major components:

Establishing a price range.

Your price range must be affordable and comfortable. Your banking institution will assess the amount of money you can borrow to purchase a home. This amount, combined with your savings equals the highest price of home you can afford. Secondly, you must assess your lifestyle and establish the mortgage amount you will be most comfortable carrying. Our role is to assist you in determining the “affordable” and “comfortable” and finding you the most home for your money and lifestyle.

Establishing your wants and needs.

Identify your current wants and needs with some projection into the future. Don’t set limits on yourself at this time; have fun and dream a little. The majority of homes for sale are listed with realtors on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Through the MLS, the details of all listed properties are made available worldwide but more importantly to over 3000 local real estate professionals who seek to match these properties with potential buyers. At any given time there are approximately 5,000 to 7,000 properties listed for sale on the MLS for Ottawa Carleton area. During our initial consultation we funnel your search using your price range and criteria until we result in those properties best suited to you. This is a huge timesaver. Our clients are amazed by what they learn and achieve at our consultation. With your homework and our experience you should only have to visit a handful of properties to make an informed selection.

Targeting your dream home.

Following the consultation we go to work to find your dream home. Your criteria is entered into our MLS Database and you will be notified instantly of any new listing as it becomes available. Our search also includes privates and unlisted properties; we don’t want you to miss anything. The most interesting properties are scheduled for viewing. We will accompany you as you view these homes and help you assess their suitability and price. We will discuss the positive and negative features of the home and the neighbourhood. We will provide an in depth search on those properties you are considering and recommend a negotiating position.

Negotiating the best price and terms.

Negotiating on your behalf includes drawing up a legally binding offer, being a sounding board for issues that arise in the process and making sure there is a successful closing. We are experienced in negotiating procedures that will increase the likelihood of your offer being accepted.

Ensuring a successful closing.

You’ve purchased a new home and can now celebrate; you can now return to a more normal existence. Our responsibility, however, continues beyond obtaining the legally binding contract. We continue to monitor all aspects of the agreement to ensure all involved parties are working towards your successful closing. These include yourself, your lawyer, the sellers or their representatives, financing institutions, inspectors, and any other individuals/agencies whose involvement may be required to fulfill the commitments in your offer.


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